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London Calling...

London Calling...

Velocity Group started in late 2007 as a simple hardware supplier to corporate South Africa. With over 300 regular clients, we have built up significant partnerships with most major OEM's and are a leading African Hybrid IT solutions provider.  

In the last 4 years, we have invested hugely in the Microsoft consulting capability of the business. The goal was to become one of the leading Microsoft Hybrid Cloud skill sets in the world. As a direct result of this capability, the team has taken on significant Microsoft deployment, migration and remediation projects for global companies in South Africa, Africa and Europe. 

Jonathan Kropf 030

Jonathan Kropf, Velocity Group CEO, "Over the last few years, our Microsoft consulting work has been dominated by large projects for international and global companies. It therefore makes a huge amount of sense to formalise our operations in the UK and use this as a springboard into Europe."

The Global Cloud Foundry

Because the way of work has changed and the delivery mechanism for projects is "Remote First", this expansion has also allowed us to formalise our Global Cloud Foundry. The Global Cloud Foundry is a collection of skills that allow us service our customers Hybrid IT needs across the world. This is done by utilising a collective of skills based in South Africa, UK, Europe and soon Australasia and the US, but operating as a single virtual team. 

Graham Elston, Velocity Group's CTO, "Covid 19 has been a hyper-accelerator for digital adoption across the globe. The time to expand into new markets has never been better."

March sees the opening of a full subsidiary in London operating as Velocity Managed Services Ltd.