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Enhancing Customer Experience With Surface

Enhancing Customer Experience With Surface

A Modern Customer Experience

An automobile manufacturer since 1898, Groupe Renault understands how manual data entry can frustrate customers and introduce error to vehicle service processes. To improve the customer experience and build a simple, modern approach to service operations, the company launched the R-Book Service using Microsoft Surface Pro devices. Now, service advisors connect to the vehicle history and perform a complete inspection in the presence of the customer, directly on the Surface Pro—creating trust, building closer customer relationships, and reducing costs.

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R-Book Service


Groupe Renault has manufactured automobiles since 1898.

Today, it operates 36 manufacturing plants and 12,700 points of sale in 134 countries. In 2018, it sold almost 4 million cars, and it earned revenues of €12.5 billion during the first quarter of 2019. With five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine, and LADA), a line of electric vehicles, and an alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, Groupe Renault tries to create synergies that it can use to streamline sales and service processes, build trust with consumers, drive innovation, and redefine the customer service relationship. For example, Renault understands the frustration customers can feel when they bring their car to a dealer service center and have to repeat information they already shared when they set up the appointment. It also knows too well how repeated manual data entry falls prone to error. The company wanted to find a way to improve the customer service experience and build a simpler, more modern approach to dealer service operations. “We were looking for a tool to create value for the customer that could reduce various administrative tasks requiring staff to reenter information,” says Frédéric Bouillier, Director of Project Deployment at Groupe Renault. 


To resolve this and other challenges to customer loyalty, Groupe Renault launched the R-Book Service using Microsoft Surface Pro devices. With R-Book Service, the service advisor is already familiar with the vehicle’s complete service history and the type of service the customer seeks—before the customer arrives at the dealership for their service appointment.


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